L-Track Massage Chairs

L-track has been touted as the most important innovation in the massage chair industry in the last decade--even more profound than 3-d rollers and mechanical foot rollers.  L-Track rollers start massaging at your neck and follow the natural S curve of your spine all the way down to glutes and hamstrings.  L-track massage chairs offer superior roller coverage and allow you to enjoy relief in some of your most used muscles.

Please let us help you select the best L-Track massage chair for your budget and needs!


OHCO M.8LE Massage Chair $15,000.00 $17,999.00
1 review

Luraco iRobotics i9 Massage Chair $10,990.00 $11,490.00

JPMedics Kumo Massage Chair $10,500.00 $10,999.00

1 review

OHCO M.8 Massage Chair $9,999.00 $12,500.00
5 reviews

Kahuna HM-KAPPA Massage Chair $9,500.00 $10,000.00

Daiwa Legacy 4 Massage Chair $9,500.00 $10,000.00

OHCO M.DX Massage Chair $9,499.00 $11,000.00

OHCO R.6 Massage Chair $8,999.00 $10,500.00

Kahuna EM-8500 Massage Chair $8,900.00 $9,600.00

D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair $8,499.00 $10,000.00
1 review

D.Core Stratus Massage Chair $7,999.00 $9,500.00

1 review

Daiwa Solace Massage Chair $6,500.00 $7,499.00

1 review

D.Core Cloud Massage Chair $4,999.00 $8,500.00

2 reviews

8 reviews

2 reviews

Osaki OS-4000XT Massage Chair $3,999.00 $4,799.00
1 review

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